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You wake up on an unfamiliar rooftop.

You look around, trying to understand where you find yourself. Around you, buildings and skyscrapers are towering above, a thick fog wrapped around the colossal structures. Your footsteps echo as you slowly walk across the concrete floor, closer and closer towards the edge.

Far, far below your, you see a group of passerbys, looking up at you, and that's when it finally hits you - 

There's only one way down.

Plunging is a small three-part series of games with a huge emphasis on mystery and player choice. The player is forced to make hard decisions, as he tries to uncover the mysteries of the world he's in.

Plunging  was developed, designed and published by Emmet, an independent game developer. He enjoys playing music and learning about physics in his spare time.

Install instructions

First, you'll need to extract the files from the .zip files. 

The order of the games is from a1 to a3, so start with Stairs Are A Drag and go from there.

In order to play the game, just run the .exe file you unzipped.

Please note - you must keep the unzipped folder in the same directory as the .exe file for the game to run.


a1 - Stairs Are A Drag.zip 25 MB
a2 - Elevators Also Work.zip 26 MB
a3 - No Time For Escalators.zip 26 MB

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